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Chiropractic Services

Along with traditional chiropractic care, we offer:

Flexion Distraction

Flexion Distraction is a gentle and safe treatment for spinal pain relief. The patient is placed on the table face down and has their ankles strapped in. The table is turned on and then the bottom half of the table begins to gently flex down and then back up again while providing a gentle traction in the low back. Flexion distraction works by lowering the pressure within the discs as well as creating more room in the spinal canal for the spinal cord thus relieving pain. It also helps to restore normal motion to the spinal joints.

Ultrasound Therapy:

It Provides deep heating to soft tissue structures in the body. Deep heating tendons, muscles or ligaments increases circulation to those tissues, which speeds up the healing process, reduces pain, and increases mobility. The ultrasound head is placed over the area being treated and moved around in small circles during the treatment. A small amount of gel is applied to the area to help the ultrasound head move. Most people won't feel anything during treatment but sometimes warmth or tingling in the treatment area can be felt. Ultrasound Therapy can be used to treat Bursitis, Tendonitis, Muscle strains and tears, Frozen shoulder, Sprains and ligament injuries, and Joint contracture or tightness.

Electric Stim Therapy:

E Stim is used to decrease pain, decrease muscular spasm, or improve local blood flow to the surrounding muscles or tissues. It is used to decrease pain and muscular spasm. Four electrodes are placed on your body surrounding the affected area and a gentle current is applied. It is very well tolerated by patients and does not cause any discomfort. If you have an injury or illness that causes pain or limited functional mobility, E-stim is a good addition to the course of treatment we will provide you.

Activator Method:

Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is a chiropractic treatment method used to treat patients who have a condition that would be contraindicated for manual manipulation or for patients who just can't tolerate manual manipulations. With Activator, we use an instrument to put a gentle impulse into the affected joint to bring it back to alignment. Activator is great for baby's, people with lose ligament syndromes such as Marfans Syndrome or Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, as well as for people who just don't like "the popping sound" that manual manipulation can create.

Pediatric and Pregnancy chiropractic treatment:

Potential benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include: Maintaining a healthier pregnancy,
Controlling symptoms of nausea,
Reducing the time of labor and delivery,
Relieving back, neck or joint pain,
Preventing a potential cesarean delivery by keeping the pelvis in alignment and allowing the baby a better chance to naturally move into the correct position for birth.

Today we find more parents bringing their infants and children to chiropractors for day-to- day health concerns we're all familiar with: colds, sore throats, ear infections, fevers, colic, asthma, tonsillitis, allergies, bed-wetting, infections, pains, falls, stomach-aches, and the hundred and one little and big things children go through as they grow up. Chiropractic care can also improve sleeping, behavior, and immune function.

It's important to note that chiropractors do not treat disease and nor do they cure diseases. We simply realign the spine to reduce nervous system interference, which allow the nervous system to function properly and in turn allows the body to function properly. Given the right environment, the body to do amazing things to heal itself. Chiropractors just facilitate that process.